5 reasons to travel with just a backpack

I’ve never been a fan of traveling with a lot of luggage after me. In recent years I have been in several city breaks and what I’ve learned is that when you’re going to visit a country for just 3 or 4 days you don’t need extra luggage. My backpack was my best friend during these years and I relied on it even in my summer holidays.

A backpack is large enough to pack clothes that you can use even for five days. Besides clothes, you have still enough space for your phone charger, shower gel, shampoo, some cosmetics etc. When I’m going for a longer trip, maybe a week or two, I make sure that I rent a B & B that has a washing machine, so I can use my clothes several times.

So probably you would ask yourself why I’m so stubborn that I only travel with a backpack? Here are the 5 reasons for what I’m doing this:

1. It gives me more flexibility.

Let’s say that you have to check out your room at 11 AM and your flight back is at 8 PM. This gives you 9 hours to do some activities around the city. But if you’re traveling with an extra luggage you have to worry where you leave it until you go to the airport. Or simply, you carry your luggage with you all that time, but I don’t think that it will be very pleasant. With just a backpack you will travel in that period of time without any worries.

2. Saves me some money.

The flight companies that I’m usually travel with are Ryanair and Wizzair. On these companies you are allowed to take in the cabin with you for free just a carry on baggage (40x30x20 cm). My backpack is a litter bit larger, but I never had a problem to pay an extra fee at the gate. If I would like to take an extra luggage with me I would have to pay some extra money, starting from 6 euros per flight. I prefer to save the money and use it in other ways on my trips.

3. It’s much more easier to carry.

There’s no doubt about that. With a troller you have to torment yourself to drag it on cobblestone streets or on the stairs. I never want to go through this so I’m very happy with my lighter back that always saves me some energy.

4. I don’t need to ask for help.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in the airport and you have to go to the bathroom but your trolley bag is an inconvenience? Well, I didn’t. With just a backpack you don’t have to worry about where to leave your trolley or you don’t need to ask other people to look out for it. It goes the same when you’re going with a cab or a bus and you won’t need the help of the driver to take it in the trunk.

5. I feel more secure about my stuff.

With a backpack I have all my stuff on me, right there, on my back. I don’t need to be worried when I’m traveling with an airplane that the airport staff will throw my luggage in the hold without worrying that it will break anything. Also, with it on my back, I’m less exposed to thefts. Being so small, I can hold the backpack right next to me in a bus or a train, so is much more secure.

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