Cheap Christmas Market break in Cluj-Napoca (from Bologna): flights from 33 €

Cluj-Napoca is one of the most beautiful and modern cities in Romania and besides that, the city from Transylvania has a great Christmas Market. The people that are living in Bologna can go this winter in  a very cheap Christmas Market break in Cluj-Napoca.

Wizzair has some great deals in november and december, with prices that are starting from just 33 euros. The Christmas Market in Cluj-Napoca opens on 22 november and it will last until New Year.

Top 3 attractions in Cluj-Napoca besides the Christmas Market:

  • Union Square.
  • Cetatuia.
  • Old Town.

Book your Bologna – Cluj-Napoca trip from here:

Best deal: 4 – 8 december

cheap christmas market break in cluj-napoca from bologna

Other cheap flights from Bologna to Cluj-Napoca:

22 – 25 november: Get your tickets here

6 – 11 december: Get your tickets here

13 – 18 december: Get your tickets here


For your accommodation we suggest you to use Airbnb. We’ve traveled with Airbnb since 2017 and we’ve never been disappointed. The great news is that if you sign up from here you will have a discount of 31 euros for your first trip!

If you enjoyed our offer of cheap Christmas Market break in Cluj-Napoca, visit our trip offers section for more deals like this.


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